About Stampede

Picture the scene

It was Saturday, 7am, some time in the early Nineties.

Grandstand would arrive at midday with the boring grown-up sports. But until then, there was a dense oasis of colourful characters and exotic worlds, where anything was possible.

Perhaps the kids programming on BBC1 wasn’t the high watermark of broadcasting. Perhaps it was slightly irresponsible to allow a child to spend an entire morning in front of a glowing cathode ray tube. Perhaps the brightly coloured breakfast cereal was doing him more harm than good.

But those mornings watching cartoons began a love affair with animation, and led to Denis, our creative director, making comics, learning to animate and eventually working on digital advertising for big brands.

I bet you have a similar story: looking back at your favourite cartoons, you probably get a pang of emotion that’s hard to explain.

You’re experiencing the psychological effect known as masking. This is when you subconsciously empathise with unrealistic characters, allowing you to connect deeply.

At Stampede, we want to help you connect deeply with your brand audience.

If you’re looking for a way to increase engagement, explain a difficult concept, or appeal to an international audience, animation might be the best way to go.

We are a tenacious team of creatives with a wide network of talent.

And we believe in working with partners, not clients. We work collaboratively, forming a close relationship that leads to a better understanding of your goals, tasks and a more effective outcome.

Does this sound good to you? Great! We’re always keen to hear about projects you have in mind, what you’ve had for breakfast, or your favourite cartoons.

You can get in touch with Denis directly on denis@stampede.studio.

Denis Mallon, Creative Director