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Meet Rory

Meet Rory. He’s helped build schools in Africa, invented a new construction material, and worked with Dyson on their campus development. Rory’s amazing journey is all thanks to a scholarship with the Built Environment Exchange, or beX: an initiative designed to identify leaders and transform the image of construction.

When beX were looking for a studio to develop Rory’s experiences into an animated short, we were excited to help. Stampede worked closely with Edinburgh Napier University to scope the work, prepare the script, produce the animation, and knit it together with live action video sequences.


The project started with a blank slate. The Edinburgh Napier team came to see us at Stampede HQ – and over the course of a half-day workshop – the key messages and goals were identified. A few short days later, the script was signed off.Then it was straight into the storyboarding process: the key frames of the film were mapped out, allowing shots to be visualised. This allowed us to experiment with the order of scenes and refine the pacing.

Getting the look

Getting the right look for our characters is so important. This film was designed for a young adult audience: we decided to go for realistic proportions, with some exaggerated features to make sure the film still had the fun tone we were going for.Designing caricatures of real-life people is always a challenge – we went through a few rounds of changes to make sure that everyone was happy with the way they were being portrayed in the animated story.

Working together

The team at Napier loved the collaborative approach to the project. A process which gives everyone a chance to set goals and work together to hit the target.

“Fantastic output, fun journey and great collaboration. A complex story has been made simple for communication to multiple audiences”

“Stampede were amazing throughout, brilliant energy and enthusiasm. Communication was always transparent and insightful”

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