So you know those really annoying people that seem to be good at everything? Meet Rory. He’s helped build schools in Africa, invented a new construction material, and worked with Dyson on their campus development.

Transforming Construction

Rory’s amazing story is all thanks to a special scholarship with the Built Environment Exchange. beX is an initiative between Edinburgh Napier University and a selection of international institutions. Designed to identify leaders and transform the image of construction, beX is open to students from all backgrounds.

When beX were looking for a studio to develop Rory’s experiences into an animated short, Stampede were excited to help. Stampede worked closely with Edinburgh Napier University to scope the work, prepare the script, produce the animation, and create live action video sequences.

The team at beX loved the collaborative approach to the project. A process which gives everyone a chance to set goals and work together to hit the target.