Stonewater (via Speakeasy Productions)

Slow Wi-Fi?

Think you’re struggling with slow Wi-Fi? As recently as 1970, over a half of UK households were without a telephone, and still watching three TV channels.

It’s easy to forget how far technology has come in the last 50 years: from the advent of the microprocessor; to a relative supercomputer in every pocket.

At their 2017 annual conference, Stonewater housing themed the event around the concept of ‘Digital Life’. This animated film tells the story of family life – from the 1950s to present day – and how electronics have shaped it beyond recognition.


The final piece was quite lengthy, around 5 minutes. With a larger project, we needed the skills of several animators, making good storyboards all the more important.


With quite a few characters featured in the script, there was a lot of opportunity to explore different styles of design. We opted for characters of fairly realistic proportions, to appeal to the professional audience.

Glorious 3D

Just to make the experience feel even more futuristic, the film was presented in stereoscopic 3D. This was the first Stampede 3D production, and we were thrilled to work with Edinburgh Filmhouse, who advised on the technical specs.

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