City of Edinburgh Council (via The Union)


Have you ever let your garden get on top of you? These character animation videos are designed to help Edinburgh residents get the help they need.

City of Edinburgh Council needed to promote the addition of their new garden waste services on their online platform. The campaign was partly about building awareness, and partly about teaching users how to navigate through the online platform.

We worked in collaboration with The Union to create a series of short character animation pieces, to raise awareness of the services in a fun, accessible way.


The first phase of the project was to take the script supplied by the Union, and create storyboards to detail each frame and choreograph the action. Storyboarding is a great way to share the concept of the animation, before we enter the animation phase.  

Character Design

Our go-to illustrator Anders Frang put together some wonderful character designs, which the client loved from the get-go. We pushed the boundaries of the brand to identify a warm, earthy colour palette, that complimented the story.


When the visual design has been agreed, it’s time to move onto the character animation.

We use a process called rigging to turn the characters into puppets that can be easily moved and manipulated. On this project, the rigging was achieved with the plugin Rubberhose.

The introduction of Garden Waste charges in Edinburgh was not welcomed by everyone, but this campaign is a great example of how we can use character animation in stories to raise awareness and demonstrate value.

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