Mactaggart & Mickel (via Vision Events)

Forward thinking

The annual report is a reality of the corporate world, but the traditional printed version can often be a fairly dry affair.

Thankfully, forward-thinking brands like Mactaggart & Mickel have begun to branch out in terms of the way they deliver their annual reports to stakeholders.

For the 2018 annual report, we were excited to work together with Mactaggart & Mickel and Vision Events to present the key highlights of their annual report in the form of a short film. The video uses motion graphics and beautiful photography to show how the company has developed an increasingly diverse range of business streams and activities.

Vision Events came to Stampede with an outline of the video they wanted to see. Having identified the key highlights of the printed annual report, we worked together to create a style that would connect with the target audience of construction professionals.


One important ingredient of the video was to take the range of beautiful photography created for the report, and to convert them into animated scenes.

To create this effect, we cut out elements of the photo files in Adobe Photoshop, and then import them into Adobe After Effects, where they are moved around in 3D space.


Another standout technique we used was bringing typography to life, combining the lettering with aerial drone photography, achieving cinematic results.

This effect utilises the 3D tracking features of After Effects: we analyse the footage to get a set of coordinates, which are then applied to the typography and used to combine the two into a single scene.

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