Novarum DX are one of the exciting crop of technology brands based in Edinburgh’s thriving startup hub, CodeBase. The company proudly boasts the only end-to-end mobile test reader system currently available in the marketplace.

Since the product has such a wide range of uses, Novarum saw an opportunity to detail the variety of applications in a series of video segments.

Real-world Scenarios

Shot from the users’ point of view, we see images of the app being used in a real-world scenario. As a result, the environments help to illustrate the product across different industries, each with their own requirements.

Stampede oversaw the project from initial brief . Not only did the studio assemble the team to shoot the live action video, but slick motion graphics were also part of the package.

Due to practical reasons, two of the scenarios were recorded in front of a green screen, with photographic backgrounds. This illusion of post production also allowed the project to run on a tight budget and timeframe.