With a lack of quality resources online, Azimap saw an opportunity to create a “What Is GIS?” explainer video. We wanted to strike the best balance between accessible-yet-useful content, to attract as many viewers as possible.

Tech startup Azimap have a brilliant idea: what if digital maps could be accessible to everyone?

Many GIS systems are created on heavy workstations, using bloated software, putting them out of reach for many businesses. Cloud GIS presents an opportunity to offer digital mapping insights to a whole new audience.


The starting point is writing the explainer video. We focused on breaking down the concepts of GIS and prioritised those that were most important. Working closely with the experts at Azimap, we discussed:

  • The general definition (“create, organise, display and analyse location data”)
  • The layering of information (how GIS identifies patterns and relationships)
  • The applications of GIS (demonstrating how GIS is all around us)
  • The business benefits (ie. why you need GIS)

Visual Design

Building on the foundations of the script, we produced a set of style frames that make up a storyboard: near-production quality visuals that show how the explainer video will look.

What is GIS? explainer video

A strong visual “hook” is always essential. For this film, we designed an isometric style that alludes to the technical nature of the content. Colours are fairly limited and flat, to keep it looking crisp and modern.

The stylised objects were rendered in 3D to ensure a distinctive, dynamic look.


Now it’s time to introduce some movement. We design a style of motion in keeping with the tone of voice and visual hook.

The crisp, flat style lends itself best to quite restrained motion. We decide to keep animation fairly subtle, to let the isometric objects stand out.

Sound Design

The design of the sound palette is every bit as important as that of the visuals and motion: we need to make sure the audio fits the tone of the explainer video perfectly.

Often the most important decision is around voiceover: how best to connect with the target audience? On this project we decided on a female Northern Irish voice, which represents the origin of the company, familiar to many customers.

It is essential to keep the tone fairly light hearted, a challenge with so much technical wording. We chose a light hearted music track to counteract the technical script and keep viewers engaged.

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